Baauer destroys Holy Ship late night

Baauer destroys Holy Ship late night


January 12th, 2013


Baauer was recently named the #1 artist to watch in 2013 in an MTV article with some other guys you might know like Dillon Francis and Matt Zo to name a few. We sent a few under covers to Holy Ship 2013 to check out Baauer’s under the deck late night set before he heads to SNOWDOWN 2013- he was not playin around! Lots of talk about the track at **1:35. Add a huge production, snow inside, bikini clad girls rocking Tall T’s and neff beanies, DJ’s and hip hop artists including the hottest trap producer in the game and you’ve got SNOWDOWN 2013. Don’t miss Colorado’s wildest winter party, get your tickets now CLICK HERE

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